Top 10 Best Website Builders of 2014

It's true that building your own website can be overwhelming, so we are here to simplify the project and ensure your wonderful website will be a success. We guide you through how to create a website with the best website designs, clearly and simply.

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NoneTemplates: 10,000+
Free domain
Email accounts
Adwords & FB credits
Excellent site-building services at low cost! Review
UnlimitedTemplates: 280
Wix App Market for Widgets
Social Features
Free Wix Domain
Great designs, easy to use editor and free widgets.
Wix Review
Visit Wix
Templates: 100+
Drag & Drop Editor
Form Builders
Blogging Tools
Easy to create a unique website, blog or online store for people and small businesses.
Weebly Review
Visit Weebly
14 Days
Templates: 25
Point & Click
Style Designers
Strong Analytics
Do-it-yourself tools ideal for creative professionals, businesses, bloggers, and web developers.
SquareSpace Review
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NoneTemplates: 800+
Drag & Drop
Animations & Multimedia
20,000+ Image Library
Free domain and hosting, easy to use, hundreds of designs
GoDaddy Review
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NoneTemplates: 1,000+
Image gallery
Website add-ons
Drag and drop
Customizable templates for casual and professional level users.
Network Solutions Review
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Forums & blogs
Custom Domain
eCommerce Ready
Large number of features to choose from; sign up today!
Webs Review
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NoneWYSIWYG Web Editor
Green Hosting
Anytime Money Back Guarantee
Easy to Use Control Panel
Lots of excellent tools for building a professional website.
iPage Review
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None Templates: 100+
Flash Video
Free Images
eCommerce option
DIY & fully customized website building services. Review
30 daysTemplates: 100+
250,000+ Image Library
eCommerce Ready
Free Domain
Excellent range of tools and features with free trial offer!
Homestead Review
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Online Website Builders

The internet has enabled individuals everywhere to publish information, ideas and businesses in the form of websites, blogs and ecommerce sites. Website builders have made this easy, accessible and affordable. With the help of one of many website builders, the top 10 of which are listed above, building and publishing a website of any kind is within reach, now more than ever.

Sites created with website builders are wholly professional. Individuals can choose from many design templates, add images to their liking and additional features, from Facebook comment widgets to shopping carts. Website builders often bundle offers that include domain registration and hosting, accounting for all technical aspects of maintaining a website.
In the early days of the internet, websites had to be written manually by computer programmers, in HTML or Flash. Today, no code is required to build a website, and the cost of doing so has come down considerably too. The best website builders have developed easy-to-use, drag and drop editors in HTML5, which allow you to drag elements onto the page, add widgets and enter text. They are simple and fully functional, as proven by countless websites created.

Create Any Website You Want

Blogs can express your personal voice or your band's sound, with classic blog templates or personally tailored layouts including music player widgets. Websites can take on a commerce function, with convenient ways to upload your products' details and shopping carts for actual transactions. Restaurant owners will find design templates and website functions that support their needs, from displaying the menu to accepting orders online. And all sites would be made to fit mobile phone devices, tablets, and look fine on social networks.

The first step to choosing a website builder is understanding your needs and defining them. Do you want to create a blog? Will you be looking to build a site that would look good on devices other than PCs? What support do you need in setting up an online shop?

The best website builders will likely offer solutions, templates and widgets for all your needs, but some may not. Free trials or actual free website builders will probably help you familiarize with website building, but you will most likely want to explore a paid package to benefit from all available website functions. Read reviews of website builders on our site pages, or compare them side by side, to find the website builder and the deal that is best for you.

Free Website Builders

You can create your own free website, get free hosting and a free domain name, and build your website in minutes for absolutely FREE. Some website builders, the best of which are listed in the chart on this page, offer some or all of their services for free.

Of course, with all things free, free website building is limited in some ways. But this might not stop you from picking a certain website builder, for a trial period or until your needs change, in which case you can always upgrade your package.

Free website builders might limit the number of pages your site can contain. The choice of templates to choose from might also be limited. Your site's domain name might not be fully customizable, and the site might feature advertising by the website builder software or a third party. Professional ecommerce features might require you buy a premium package.

Free websites are nevertheless professional, fully functional and easy to set up. The benefits of using a website building editor, integrating a beautiful design, and sharing your site across the web and different platforms are all at hand with the free option. There's no longer need to hire an expensive designer and web-developer to construct your website for you. In fact, all of these now come for free.

Website Builder Software

Website creators make it possible for you and me to build our own website without any HTML coding knowledge. Even if one knows the necessary code to create a site, the builder software can be counted on to keep up with industry trends and the latest technology. Such is the case in switching to HTML5 website templates, an intelligent solution to match your site with all devices PCs, mobile, tablets, social networks and beyond.

Another cutting-edge software feature of website builders is the actual web page creator. These are unique to each website builder, and are referred to as editors. Powerful and easy to use, the editor is mostly a graphic interface with which individuals can drag and drop elements onto their sites and pages, add widgets and integrate shopping carts and other functions. In some case, namely some of the leading website builders, using the editor is actually fun!

For more tech-savvy individuals, features such as URL redirect services, MIME Types, and FTP Managers and File Managers are most likely essential. Although all sites created with website builders can look professional and function flawlessly with the tools they provide, these features allow you complete control of the internal structure of your website, web-pages and content.

Hands-On Design and Ready-Made Templates

Design templates often show up on top of customers' shopping lists when choosing a website builder for their sites. On the one hand, ready-made themes and templates seem to make building a site easier and the whole process faster. Such ready-made templates are usually categorized and listed on the website builder's own site, are beautiful and intuitive for the builder and the user alike. Just pick one!

Others who build their website prefer designing their own theme; take for example professional artists who have a knack for design and would like full control of all matters having to do with design. If you know what a pixel is, and beyond, and are not afraid of any learning curve, steep as it might be, then you are best advised to choose a website builder that allows for plain templates and more customization, be they your own designs or integration of widgets.

At the end of the day, a site will be judged based on its looks, which stand for more than just color scheme or font. How visually appealing a site is also stands for its user interface and visitor interaction. Knowing what you are looking for and comparing the different building software will help you make the right choice.