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Top 10 Best Website Builders is your trusted resource for the best reviews of the most popular website building plaforms on the Internet.

Our site features both expert and consumer reviews, and offers an extensive library of articles and comparisons about the various builders' features.

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We have over 200 reviews, articles, and head-to-head analysis posted daily to our site.

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In 2015 we have had over 7M visitors to our site

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24,000 people just like you are visiting our site daily to choose the best website builder that fits their needs

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A senior copywriter at PACIFIC specializing in technology and website services.


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Jo specializes in SEO and content marketing and has a knowledge of website optimization for organic search.


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Pete owns "We Are Digital Vision," a digital communications consultancy offering content and design services.


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Norman Brauns is the founder and CEO of PACIFIC, a digital marketing agency based in San Diego, California.


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Elisheva has worked for various publishing houses and literary agencies, and owns a consultancy company.


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Ryan creates websites for businesses and entrepreneurs, and video reviews for Top10Best.


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The CEO and founder of TheHomeFixers, and an expert in website services and home warranty

Getting Started With Website Builders

Simply put, a website builder allows users with no technical background and of any experience level to create their own customized websites, for personal and professional use. With a website builder, you can create professional, unique, and modern websites like the big guys, without a team of website developers. The best website builders are designed to make creating your website an enjoyable experience. Beginners will benefit from the fact that the platforms hold their hands and guide them through the process of creating their first site.
And more advanced users will find it easy to jump right in and start building within seconds of signing up for an account. Website creators have changed the landscape of the Internet by making it possible for anyone to quickly create an online presence they can be proud of.
If you're ready to start making your mark on the World Wide Web, sign up for an account with one of the top website makers today.

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What Can You Use Your Website For?

Coffee Shop Webpage With Cup and Awning

Maybe you have a small business you are trying to get off the ground. Or a blog you would like exposure for. Or possibly you would like to create a space for your photographs to be shared with family and friends.
But how are you going to build your own website without any programming experience? Not to worry, some of the best websites out there have been created using website builder software, why not start yours today?

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So Why a Website Builder?

  • Website Building Life-raft

    they can build
    it for you

    No time to build your own site? Website builders can build you a professional looking site leaving you stress-free

  • Limitless Smartphone

    there are
    no limits

    Special features like drag and drop, make building your personalized website easy and fun! You will even have mobile access!

  • Cheapness Calculator

    cheaper than a
    cup of coffee

    Prices range from free to costly.
    You can build a complete website for about the price of a cup of coffee!

  • Super Fast Paper Airplane

    it's super fast

    You can complete your website, from start-to-finish, in under an hour!
    Wow that's fast!

  • Creative Headset


    All website builders provide users with many gorgeous designs to choose from, giving your website an artistic touch

  • Supportive Laptop

    full support

    Most website builders offer 24/7 phone, email, and chat customer support, so you will never feel stuck or alone

What Kind of Websites can
you Make with a Builder?


Traveling the world? Critiquing the nicest restaurants? Why not blog about it? Website builders allow you to build and maintain your blog so you can share your insights and adventures with the world. Weebly offers both Integrated and standalone blog templates, so you can blog the way you choose.

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blog templates

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    What Kind of Websites can
    you Make with a Builder?

    small business

    So you've started your cake baking business but your clientele seems thin. You can build yourself a website advertising your baked creations and let people know exactly what you can offer them. gives you access to SEO experts, to make sure you are optimizing your exposure.

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    small business templates

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      What Kind of Websites can
      you Make with a Builder?


      No matter if you have a few garage sale items to sell, or you've started a complete product line, website builders can make your eCommerce business a success. Volusion has an extensive range of options to thoroughly customize your product display down to the smallest detail.

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      eCommerce templates

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        What Kind of Websites can
        you Make with a Builder?


        Many occupations allow you to build yourself up a profile of all the work you've done,
        such as photography and graphic design. You can consolidate all of your creations
        into one customized website to show off to potential employers and to the world.
        With Wix's ShoutOut email marketing, you can share your portfolio with employers
        around the world in an instant.

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        portfolio templates

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          Whether you want to take the reigns and build your own website or have one of the builders do it for you, you are in a good place. Both options have their own unique pros and cons.

          Happy Man Typing On Laptop

          do it yourself

          If you love to take matters into your own hands, the Do It Yourself (DIY) option might be for you.You can take the time to start from scratch and add every detail that comes straight from you. This is also a cheaper option, since you are doing all of the work.

          Sound intimidating?
          You can rest assured that website builders make it easy to create a beautiful site by yourself, no matter what your experience level.Not to mention they all offer customer support in case you get stuck. If you have a creative spirit, you will benefit from building your wesite by yourself.

          Things to Know if You Build it Yourself:

          • Low Cost Dollar Bills
          • Technical Levers
            No Technical
            Experience Required
          • Ticking Clock
          • Designing Pencil and Ruler
            No Design Experience
          Customer Chatting Online With Service Representative

          do it for me

          If you can't spare the time, but you can spare a bit more cash, maybe Do It For Me (DIFM) is the better option. This way, you can still choose the criteria you want to be on your website, but leave the dirty work to the builder.

          You can be sure that your website is in good hands, because along with the expertise of the builder, you also receive their knowledge in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media marketing, eCommerce, and more.

          Things to Know if the Builder Builds it For You:

          • Professional Rubik's Cube
          • Social Media Globe
            Social Media
            Marketing Expertise
          • Control Levers
          • SEO Magnifying Glass
            Search Engine Optimization
            (SEO) Expertise

          Don't Know How To Choose Your
          Website Builder? Let us Help!

          Feature Comparison Webpage

          With so many options available to you, it can seem daunting to make a website building decision. We've made it easier for you with a few options:


          Now that you know all about website builders and what they can do for you, let's look at what each one specifically can offer you. There are lots of features that a website builder can offer such as bandwidth available, shopping cart capabilities, photo gallery options, and so much more.

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          It's a showdown! We've set the top website builders to go head-to-head and battle it out for the top position. Let's take a look at the features, prices, ease-of-use, and more between the top website builders in the game, and see how they stack up against each other

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          Right Boxing Glove