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 Michael Benninger

In a Nutshell provides great do-it-for-me (DIFM) options, with no setup fee and no long-term commitment, and can build your website for you, saving you time and stress. While it does'n offer a free trial period, and the free website builder option comes with serious strings attached, there are more than 2,500 different designs in template gallery, giving you a variety of options to choose from.


  • Over 2,500 different website design templates
  • Good Ecommerce functionality
  • Option to have experts custom build your site


  • Platform lacks user friendliness overall
  • More expensive than other website builders
  • No free trial Visit Site

When you’re deciding how to create your site, you can do it yourself with the website builder, or pay the company to do it for you. On, there’s a clear emphasis on the custom-built sites from their experts. If you choose to go with, this is the service we recommend and is the company’s strongest offering.

On the other hand, you can create your own site on with its DIY Web builder. It isn’t the most intuitive tool I’ve ever used, but it’s still possible to make attractive and functional websites with it. Check out some examples in the Website Gallery.

In short, the DIFM service is robust and will allow you to get exactly the site you want, without having to do much on your end. But most reviews of agree that the DIY process takes more time, effort, and patience than many other modern builders require.

Who It's Ideal For

Good candidates for the builder are small-business owners and individuals who seek a simple, no-frills website they can create and maintain themselves. In particular, the “We Build It For You” option from is a great choice for any person or business that doesn’t have the time, energy, or interest in designing their website themselves.


The number of website templates I was able to choose from was overwhelming. There are over 2,500 different design templates to browse through, but many of them are just subtle variations of the same few structures.

In the template gallery, the templates are organized into roughly 30 different categories. Each category contains at least a few subcategories and by clicking on any of the template examples, I was able to see a slightly enlarged view that offered a bit more detail. In addition to choosing a template by browsing through the categories, users can also search by keywords or by color scheme. After finding a theme you like, though, there’s no option to play around with a demo to see how the example sites worked.

One neat feature of’s builder is that it allows you to easily switch between site templates. If you’re interested in a different look for your site, you can just pick a new theme, and the builder will migrates all of your information over, so you don’t need to recreate your site from scratch.

Ease of Use

Although software does have a cleaner interface than a few builders I’ve used in the past, the software is plagued by frustrating bugs that prevented me from making much progress with my site. The majority of reviews also express at least some level of frustration with the platform’s usability. Unfortunately, the user experience leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to ease of use.

Since there’s no option for a free demo, there was no way for me to test drive the platform’s interface without first signing up for a paid account. It was only after signing up that I found four tutorial videos that demonstrated the builder in action. But with a combined length of less than 10 minutes, the tutorials were far from comprehensive.


Website Builder
Website + Marketing
Website + Marketing + Ecommerce
1st Month





After That




$114.95 and up

*Prices last updated January 2018 pricing for the DIY builder actually starts out affordable and competitive, but then skyrockets to ridiculous rates after 30 days. For example, the introductory cost for using the website builder starts at just $1.95. But four weeks later, the rate jumps to $22.95 per month. That’s much higher than what more modern and feature-rich Web builders charge for similar plans and better software. This could explain all of the reviews with complaints.

The costs for other plans are similar, with very low rates for the first month, followed by an increase to an amount that’s unreasonably high. Compare monthly costs to rates from other popular Web builders, and you won’t have any problem finding a better deal.

The cost of a custom-built website from starts at $114.95 per month after the first 30 days. And that’s just for the base plan. If you have greater needs, that cost could increase substantially.


Individuals, organizations, and small businesses can get great custom-built sites at no upfront cost. This includes professional design and copy written just for you, along with a few other features.

  • Business – will work for virtually any type of business, from restaurants to retail stores, whether or not they’re interested in Ecommerce. When builds a site for you, they can make sure it’s listed in search engines, and you’ll have the tools to track your site’s stats. Plus, you can upgrade to a mobile-friendly site, so users can view your site on any screen size.

  • Portfolio – Artists, musicians, and designers can build a portfolio website to showcase their best work. This is an audience that will really appreciate the 2,500 website templates offered.

  • Blog – Bloggers can use’s website builder to create a personalized place to share their thoughts. The tools to create content, insert images, publish, and promote are all offered by

Website Coach

Though I didn’t take advantage of this feature, offers a helping hand for those getting their first site off the ground. The company’s certified Website Coaches are committed to helping customers create better websites without it costing them an arm and a leg. These tech-savvy tutors promise to do everything in their power to ensure that visitors have an enjoyable experience on your website.

For starters, a Website Coach will give you a guided tour of the builder’s interface and provide you with some sound advice for selecting the best template. After that, your Coach will walk you through the process of choosing appropriate images for your site, and give you tips for editing them.

Finally, prior to publishing your site, a Website Coach will review your design and content decisions, and evaluate your site’s optimization for search engines. And even after your site is live, your coach can continue to provide additional recommendations that will help your site perform well.

Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness isn’t exactly one of the builder’s strong suits. As opposed to more advanced platforms, mobile websites aren’t dynamically resized versions of existing sites, optimized for smaller screens. Instead, they are completely separate sites that require their own maintenance, and that come with their own price tag.

Mobile websites are also built using a different set of tools than their desktop counterparts. Meaning that if I want to update my site, I need to do it in two places with two different tools. That’s not exactly ideal. And after a one-month free trial, the mobile service costs an extra $5.95 every month. Many other modern builders include mobile responsiveness at no additional cost.

Ecommerce Store has special offerings for small businesses looking to sell products online. They have DIY plans, as well as DIFM options for Ecommerce.

Ecommerce Setup

Setting up a Ecommerce store wasn’t too tough. Upon signing up for Ecommerce, a software wizard popped up to point me in the right direction. Then it was time to choose one of the Ecommerce templates for my store. After that, I was uploading product images and descriptions.

Ecommerce features stores allow users to accept payments from every major credit card company, plus other services, including PayPal. The platform also gave me the option to choose a payment processor in case I didn’t already have one.’s Ecommerce solutions are surprisingly robust. Aside from adding products and managing orders, you can keep track of your customers and send them marketing messages. also provides users with comprehensive reports, and makes it easy to search for customers, orders, and products. There are a number of other available features, including the ability to create coupon codes, customer blacklists, and tracking codes for online advertisements.

Ecommerce packages and pricing offers three Ecommerce packages; the Ecommerce Express Package, the Ecommerce Standard Package, and the Ecommerce Pro Package. The Express Package, starting at $29.95 a month, allows you to sell up to 20 products, includes an online store builder, multiple business email addresses and a 2.5% transaction fee.

The Standard Package is significantly more expensive, $59.95 a month, but is a much better solution for those seeking a serious online store. It includes everything you get in the Express Package, but allows you to sell up to 500 products, gives you access to email marketing tools, submits products to Google for you and takes your transaction fee down to 1.5%. For those who have more than 500 products to list, there is the Pro Package, which allows for unlimited product listings, drops the transaction fee to 1%, includes a dedicated SSL Security Certificate and provides advanced marketing features, such as affiliate management. The Standard Package is’s most popular package, however, online stores that need the support of the Pro Package will pay $99.95 per month. Package
Ecommerce Express
Ecommerce Standard
Ecommerce Pro




Number of Products

Up to 20

Up to 500


Online Store Builder




Customized Templates




Business Email Addresses




Transaction Fee




Email Marketing Suite




Submit Products to Google




Multiple Users




Analytics and Reporting




Affiliate Management




SSL Security Certificate




Do-It-For-Me Ecommerce Website Building offers its Do-It-For-Me website building option for those wishing to build an online store as well. It also has small business specialists that study your business and work one-on-one with you in designing your online store, and will design a customized shopping cart for your store.

What offers is not merely Do-It-For-Me design, but rather, a complete DIFM Ecommerce solution. Web'com's team works with online store owners over time to continually provide them with inventory tracking and management, credit card processing, automatic shipping rates, analytics and reporting, marketing on search engines and social media channels, as well as securing customers' personal details and payment information. Store owners can call's representatives to make monthly changes to their sites. will build your website for free, however you must sign up for an ongoing plan, which will vary in price depending on your needs. This option is much more expensive than's Do-It-Yourself options, however, it is a good solution for those who want their entire web operation taken care of by professionals. There is no set pricing for the Do-It-For-Me Ecommerce plans, as everything is customized. The most basic Do-It-For-Me plans start at $114.95 a month, however, expect to pay more for Ecommerce functionality. The customer service offered makes the price well worth it, and the cost is still just a drop in the bucket for a serious Ecommerce operation selling a high volume of goods.

Customer Service

If you’re customer, you do get support. Users can contact customer service in a few different ways. For technical support with the email, hosting, or the site builder, call help at 1-800-932-4678. Customer support for’s SEO, Web design, and marketing plans can be reach by dialing 1-800-311-2707. customer support also gives you the option to call 1-800-862-8658 for a free consultation regarding the quality of your website. Alternatively, you can email for help, or search the customer support portal for the answers you seek.

Free Offers

Is free? While the company doesn’t offer a free trial, there is a way to get a free website—with some serious strings attached.

New users have the ability to get a site custom built from the experts, which can be costly but is less hassle, or take advantage of the free website design. With the free option, the catch is that you have to pay the company to host and maintain your site once it’s launched. And’s rates are a lot higher than even some of the best builders around. So is really free? Not even close.

Industry Feedback continues to attract customers, despite not offering the most competitive tools or plans. For five consecutive years, professional-services firm Deloitte has given recognition as one of the fastest growing companies in North America. Aside from that, though, there isn’t much positive industry feedback, and most reviews of are less than glowing.

Hosting Services

There are three primary hosting plans to choose from: Essential, Professional, and Premium.

Essential hosting on includes 300 gigabytes of storage and allows for 100 multi-user email addresses, while the professional package offers 500 gigabytes and the same number of email addresses. The premium hosting services lets users store an unlimited amount of data, and have up to 1,000 email addresses on their account.

Monthly price




FTP accounts




Email accounts




*Prices last updated January 2018

The costs of these services are reasonable, but some of’s big-name competitors offer more robust hosting plans at lower costs.


I was surprised by appearance of the mail experience from the moment I logged in. The interface has a very clean and modern look that contrasts sharply with the rest of’s interface. In fact, email looks almost as good as any other email client I’ve used.

It was confused at first about how to actually check my email, though. I thought I’d be able to log in via the ProMail page, but that redirected me to the standard login, which for some reason didn’t work. I was finally able to log into webmail right from my website’s dashboard, so I just bookmarked that page. Overall, the email feature looks good, but is not very intuitive. Visit Site

SEO Tools SEO comes in a few different offerings. The company provides full-service SEO support for individuals and businesses of any size. These plans start at $300 per month and include both on-site and off-site optimization. You also get to speak with a dedicated SEO expert on a monthly basis.

If, like me, you prefer a more hands-on approach, SEO from also comes in the form of education. You can sign up for any number of training programs that will help you learn about analytics, link building, and getting found online.


The DIY version of the builder can be used to create a decent-looking site to suit your needs, but has many limitations. We’d recommend the DIFM service instead to ensure you’ll get the best features and functionality. So, as for my website builder review, I’d suggest going with the custom-built site by the experts if you choose this provider!

Michael is an expert copywriter from PACIFIC. He lives by the beach in San Diego and, in addition to writing about all things Internet for, he enjoy movies, technology, and contributing to other print and online publications.

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