Exai Review

Exai Overview:

Exai offers two easy to understand options, for converting your website or building a new one from scratch. Their website builder is created with ease of use in mind, using drag and drop technology, with every element customisable to the user’s specification. Try your website free for 21 days, and then upgrade to a competitive hosting package to enjoy all the benefits of an Exai managed website, including 24/7 live customer support, and managed SEO.

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Website Design FeaturesPublishing Features
Drag & Drop EditorPublishing Features
Automatic Mobile Version ProvidedAdd Photos and Images
Easy to Change & Customize TemplatesInclude Company Logo
Simple To Use Control PanelProfessional Web Hosting
SEO SettingsBuild now, Pay Later!

Exai Website Building Features:

Building an Exai website is easy and fun to do, with WYSIWYG technology, and the tools available in more than 16 languages. Enter backgrounds, menus, colour themes and layouts from the editor tool, and use the image designer to display added effects on your images such as fading, transparency and more. Next, add articles, galleries, forms, widgets and more to enhance your customer experience. Link your brand new website with social media integration to get the best out of your following on Twitter or Facebook, and then enjoy free hosting and SEO to help drive traffic towards you and your brand.

Additional Features:

Not looking for a new website, but aren’t getting the best out of your current one? Transfer your site over to Exai and you can trust that their team of coordinated design and programming experts know exactly how to get the best out your online brand and will optimize your site with expert SEO for Google searches. They will provide you with a custom ready website which you can adapt to your exact specifications, that comes with drag and drop technology, so you don’t need to learn any complex coding, or even download any additional software. You will also be given a mobile optimized site for hand held devices.


Building and hosting your website with Exai is also extremely affordable. In fact, the actual site building is completely free of charge, and you can even use your website for 21 days without cost too. Subscribe only once satisfied with your design and are ready to make a permanent online presence for your brand.

The two packages available are for a Website Conversion Package, or a Building and Hosting Package. The first incurs a one off fee, which increases based on the size of your website. For the first 20 pages it is $300, between 21-60 pages is $360 and above 61 is $460. As with building a new website, after 21 days you will need to sign up to a hosting plan to keep it. Annually, this will be $11 per month, or if you aren’t sure about a year-long commitment, you can choose to pay monthly for $15 per month.

Customer Support & Service

There are many ways to receive support and help at the Exai website. Phone numbers are listed by country, making it easy to find someone who can help you at your convenience. Live chat is available from the website, but this is not a 24/7 service unless you have paid for a subscription. Send a query via contact form at any time of day, and once you have made an account with Exai, you will be able to use email support as well. Additionally, the website offers a number of informative tutorials and articles which can assist you in building your website, or transferring to Exai.

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