Top 3 Free Website Builders for Small Businesses

In a Nutshell

  • Weebly is arguably the easiest to use website builder for small businesses

  • Wix has hundreds of templates geared toward every major industry

  • Webs has built-in SEO functionality, so it’s great for achieving high search engine rankings

Top Free Website Builders for Small Businesses

Are you getting the most out of your website? For the vast majority of small businesses, a website serves as little more than a way to provide general service information, generate leads and possibly sell a few products. Other businesses, though, use their websites as their main point of contact and the primary source of revenue. If you want to be in the latter camp, you don’t have to be a brilliant web designer. Free website builders can help you create an outstanding, well engaging site that drives revenue and increases brand awareness.

Here are the best, most useful, free website builders for small businesses:


1. Weebly – The Easiest Way to Make a Website

Perhaps one of the best website builders for small businesses, Weebly​ is known for it’s great and simple user interface. This building platform uses an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that helps you make a website in a matter of minutes or hours, rather than days or weeks. This builder is a snap to learn how to work and best yet, it’s totally free to use.

There are no hidden costs and although paid options do exist, most small businesses are unlikely to need it. Should you find yourself wanting to sell products through Weebly, the e-commerce option is just $2.99 per month – and that investment is tax deductible. The professional version of Weebly is available for $8.99 per month, allowing the user to build sites that contain many more pages.

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Weebly free website builder for small businesses

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2. Wix – Create Your Own Free Website

Similar to Weebly, Wix is another highly recommended website builder for small businesses. Just look at the numbers: Wix has more than 43 million users, with another 45,000 people signing up each day. The secret to Wix’s success is simple: There are hundreds of templates to choose from, suitable for any industry you can imagine. No matter what your line of work is, you’ll find a Wix theme that will make your business stand out from the competition.

Whether your goal is to establish a business site, a photography gallery, or anything in-between, there is a template for you. Once you’ve selected the template, setting up the rest of the site is very straightforward as, all you have to is replace the existing images and text with your own. The drag-and-drop feature lets you customize sites however you’d like, and Wix includes a built-in e-commerce shop and dedicated customer support. The platform even makes your website mobile-friendly so that your customers can find you on the go.

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Wix free Website Builder for small businesses


3. Webs – Better Websites Made Simple

Don’t confuse it with, Webs is also one of the top website builders for small businesses. Similar to the other two, Webs is really easy to use. You start by selecting a professionally designed theme for your site, and then add your content. You can upload your logo, play around with the layout and place your own images and videos throughout the page. Getting your business site up and running never looked easier. Once your website is ready, you can launch it online it with a single click of the mouse.

Webs offers SEO functionality, allowing you to easily set up your website to generate organic traffic from search engines, making it easier for new customers to find you. Its analytics tool helps you to learn what methods work best, how users navigate through your site and what adjustments you can make accordingly. There are no hidden charges and you can set-up a free account right away.

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Webs free website builder for small businesses

As small business owner, you don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars to a web designer to create a nicely designed and profitable site. We consider these recommended website builders to be the best ones for small businesses like yours. With any of the tools listed above, you can personally set up your own website quickly and easily, even if you have little or no prior experience. HTML knowledge and programming skills are not needed. Just know what you want to say and how you want it to look, and let these great website builders do the rest.

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