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By Tim Brown

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Prince may not have realized just how much of a revolution he started when he took control of his entire music empire a few years ago. Since then, many of today’s artists have grabbed the reins on the business side of the recording industry. Now you can, too, with the new Wix Music website builder. You have your songs down pat; you just need to get them out to your fans. This new package from the folks at über user-friendly Wix allows artists to be more than just musicians. With Wix Music, they can also be the tour manager, record distributor, and even public relations specialist—almost anything but a roadie. From garage bands to national touring acts to rock festival icons, no band is too small or too big to take advantage of this easy-to-use promotion tool. Plug in the Les Paul and crank it up to 11; you’re about to make it big!

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The Opening Act

Before launching this new product tailored specifically to musicians, if bands wanted an online presence, they would have to modify a traditional business website and try to incorporate some of the capabilities that Wix Music offers. As great as the basic Wix tools are, they still fell short of allowing for a full-featured Web builder for musicians—until now. With Wix Music, you still get the same clean-looking site that you would expect from a Wix webpage, only optimized to put your band in the spotlight. Plus, building a site with Wix is way easier than learning to play the guitar.

Tour Manager

You don’t have to hire someone to take care of all of the booking details for your upcoming tour. It doesn’t matter if you are playing a couple of shows around town or if you are taking the tour bus out on the road. You can promote your live concerts and sell tickets for upcoming performances through Songkick and BandsInTown. Venues can schedule your appearance and fans can get first dibs on admission. Booking agents contact you directly through your website, eliminating the need for a band manager. Your followers are able to purchase concert tickets on your page, too.

Sales and Distribution

Did you know that musicians receive just over two percent for each album that they sell? Divide that by the number of people in the band and it’s easy to see money does not make its way to the artists. The major reason is because of sales and distribution. The record labels have run that racket, until now. With Wix Music, you can sell MP3 and FLAC music files directly through your site without having to pay a commission. Fans can even listen before they purchase your latest release. Plus, you can distribute your music through iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and over 120 other digital music venues.

Public Relations

With the help of Wix Music, you can create electronic press kits (EPKs) to distribute to booking agents, radio stations, record buyers, and label executives around the world. Take your band out of the basement and into the big time. You can even include your contract rider demands so that they know to remove the blue M&Ms and to have your favorite micro-brew on ice backstage after you’re done rocking the house.

Merchandising, Marketing, and More

You can sell t-shirts, concert posters, compact discs, and maybe even some vinyl—commission-free—with Wix’s e-commerce capabilities. Interact with your fans though email with the help of WixShoutOut. Create newsletters to announce upcoming tours, preview new releases, and promote hot merchandise items. All of your social media accounts can be linked to your band page to keep it simple, too. With the famously user-friendly Wix templates, you can create an amazing looking page with new music-specific themes. Plus, you can analyze site traffic, music sales, social shares, and song downloads—all from your intuitive Wix dashboard.

Final Encore

The Wix Music website builder is your ticket to the show. You might not create the next Paisley Park, but you can join the revolution in keeping money-hungry record executives out of your business. Wix gives you the power to do their job. Why pay them when you can pocket the money yourself? That gas tank on the tour bus isn’t going to fill itself.


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