Website Building Techniques for Musicians and Bands

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One of the most difficult aspects of creating a website for bands and musicians is web design. The good news is that in recent years, bands are steering away from flash heavy websites with difficult or time consuming to load videos on the home pages and a lot of complex graphic elements. This makes building a website for your band or to showcase your music much easier.

Most website builders have pre-made templates to choose from, which allow you to simply add additional images or text in just a few short minutes. Most importantly, you should remember to use an easy-to-read font and steer clear of shocking colors.

Essential Elements of a Musicians website

The website for a band or musician should always include their name and should have a description of the website – this is how it will be seen on the Google SERPs (search engine result page). A header is another important element that should be included on the website. The header is an image which should be of the band’s logo, an instrument or a picture of the musician. Something iconic which describes you, and is easily recognizable. You may also want to include a favicon which is a small picture that is associated with your website. Tiny as it may be, the image will be seen when the page is bookmarked. Think the Twitter bird or the Facebook F, tiny images, but completely inseparable from their brand.

James Hughes is a talented musician who fell in love with Wix and the templates they offer. See his story below.

Using a Music Website Builder to Create Great Content

You should always strive for a well-written "about us"/"about me" page. This section should be enticing, clear and concise. You should include important information about your music career in this section – where you studied music, how long your band has been playing together, etc. Give your visitors a real history. Take them on the journey from the garage to the stage. Put them in the smoky club during the live show and in the studio for the recording sessions. Don’t forget to make a ‘contact us’ or ‘contact me’ section of the site, particularly if you are selling music or merchandise on your website. This can be via email, and if relevant, via an agent or intermediary who manages sales for you.

It goes without saying that one of the most vital aspects of your website is the audio/media/video page. This section must always be included on a band or musician website. You want to share a sampling of your music with your visitors so they can actually hear you. Many people will not bother to search elsewhere online for your music so you need to make it convenient for them – and to grab their attention. Check with your website builder that they offer the design features necessary to imbed video if necessary, and the bandwidth you need so that you can upload as much music as you please.

Some Web builders, such as Wix, are creating music-specific builders like Wix Music that let artists promote and sell their music and merchandise, schedule tours, and distribute their songs—without having to hire record industry professionals to do it for them.

Social Media Will Have a Huge Impact on the Traffic Towards Your Music Website

Social media sites are extremely important in terms of promotion and information sharing – and all entirely free! You would be short-sighted not to take advantage of this as a musician or band. You can create pages on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter along with adding share widgets on your site that allow people to share your music on these, as well as other social media sites. There should also be an option on your site that allows users to subscribe to a mailing list. Social media is blossoming and its exponential marketing power is just starting to be realized. An active social media presence is vital to a band’s success nowadays.

In order to encourage people to sign up you can offer incentives, such as a free MP3 download, music video or some other freebie. Still looking for more visitors? Try creating a blog. A blog is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your followers even when there is no new music to present. Your fans and followers can keep track of what you are doing and this will help keep them interested in your music or your band. For many people, your musical journey is living the dream, and they will be fascinated to follow you as you live it.

Whether you’re a solo artist or a member of a band, having a website is an integral component to building, keeping, and communicating with your fan base. There’s no end to what you can use your website for, but you’d better make certain to include these must-have components. So now that you know the basics of band websites, explore your options and choose a builder that strikes a chord in you.

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