Best Free Website Builders for Photographers

In a Nutshell

Wix & Webs are both excellent website builder for photographers:

  • Mobile-friendly

  • HTML5 compatible

  • Designed specifically for photographers, with a wide variety of templates 

  • E-commerce platforms, so you can sell your photos online

  • Free

Best Free Website Builders for PhotographersYou're a photographer, and you need a website. Obviously you?re going to need to pay above the odds for a good looking website with all the functionality you need, right? Wrong!

Don't get us wrong, it?s true that Photographers have different needs than most other independent business people, especially in the website department.

While a normal business could get by with a website that displays their "About" information and business hours, photographers get the majority of their business through the internet. It's the 21st Century after all. When you take into account that everyone with a camera considers themselves a photographer, a Facebook page just isn't enough to get you noticed. You'll get lost in the crowd. Photographers need a dedicated website that can handle the bandwidth requirements and get them found in search results. But that doesn't mean you need to take out a second mortgage. This list will take you through the top free website builders specifically for building photography websites and help you make the best choice for your photography website, and your business needs.

This video from Wix should get you started designing your photography website in no time!

1. Wix

Wix is a totally free, easy to use website builder. With over 43 million users and hundreds of templates available, Wix is a great choice for someone looking to make a website on a budget. There's no coding required, and the advanced HTML 5 that Wix employs means that it is on the cutting edge of web design technology. Important for this modern age, it is also responsive for mobile and tablet use. The hosting is reliable and totally free, ensuring that you don't need to worry about your site going down.

But will it make my photography website stand out?

Several of the templates on Wix are perfect for photographers, allowing many photographs to be displayed. For additional information, the visitor can click them and be taken to a page designed just for that photo, and the process is streamlined efficiently during the upload process. Find out more about Wix on our Wix Review.

2. How does Webs compare as a photography website builder?

Not to be mixed up with Web, Webs is a free, professional website designer similar to Wix. With easy website building tools that operate with a drag and drop interface, you can get your photography page set up in no time at all. There are many, many templates to choose from, ranging from quirky and goofy to completely professional. As an added bonus, Webs supports the use of business apps that you can add to your page to help you offer additional services to your clients. Now you can provide even more exceptional business!

Webs also offers web analytics to help you calculate the traffic you receive and what you can do to improve it, and SEO optimization tools that help users find you in search results.

Anything else specific to me as a photographer?

Webs even offers an ecommerce store that you can sell your photographs through, and you can link to Etsy and other distributors as well. Want more from the site? Webs offers paid functionality as well, allowing you to have a custom domain and email address, but neither of these are requirements for setting up your page and getting it running. Find out more about Webs on our Webs Review.

As a photographer, your priority is finding a website builder which will let you display your skills and advertise the services you offer. Plus, mobile functionality is important - you want to be the person others find when they are on the go, frantically searching for a replacement photographer after their previous one cancelled!

Using these web page builders well enable you to do exactly that: establish your web presence, demonstrate your ability, and find more clients.

Want to show your portfolio on a blog? Check out this article with more information on blogging for free and let us know how it works out for you.


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