Set Your Business Site Apart with Top-Notch Social Media Integration

By Top 10 Staff

A great way to market your website without actually doing any work is through integrating it with social media. Do this right, and the full force of the internet can do your marketing for you, allowing your content to go viral and spread to the farthest reaches of the world wide web.

So how do you ensure your website is integrated with social media? That sounds like a lot of work in itself. It's actually pretty easy. Just make sure you have simple ways to share your content, incorporate Google authorship into your site, and allow comments, either through Facebook or through another platform. Most website builders allow you to easily utilize these features.

1. Enable sharing your content when building a website

You might have seen it before – blog posts with a sidebar or share buttons at the bottom, allowing you to quickly send out a tweet or pop a post on Facebook about the website. Sometimes clicking on the buttons provides you with an already filled out blurb to post along with it. To make sure your site is fully integrated with social media, it is essential to include these, and make sure they are visible.

Another important thing to remember is to make sure your buttons are up to date! Facebook has not only “Share” buttons, but also the option to “Like” your post. LinkedIn's logo has changed in recent years, and Twitter updates their graphics from time to time. If you have older, archaic forms of the buttons, it suggests that your website is out of date, and provides less of an incentive to share your content.

This great video tutorial will show you how to easily set up share buttons on your website.

2. Allow comments through other website marketing packages

Many websites are incorporated with Gravatar, allowing comments through their own system – but you can do the same with Facebook, allowing someone to post a comment easily as long as they are currently logged into Facebook. This comment will also appear on the sidebar of their Facebook, alerting other users to their activity and potentially drawing more traffic to your site. In addition to spreading your brand, this function allows you to interact with your visitors and get valuable feedback about your website and the products and information it offers to visitors.

Pay attention to what they say, and you might find ways you can improve your site to make it even more appealing!

3. Link your Twitter profile to your website.

We don’t all have time to update our websites and blogs anywhere near as often as we would like, and on some websites, it just isn’t necessary either. Imagine a restaurant website where the location, menu and about us info stays the same for years at a time. It can be hard to keep your website noticed on social media and search engines alike. Linking your Twitter profile means that every time you tweet, a simple 140 characters can push you back into the public eye. Not only will it boost your search ratings, using the Twitter widget, but it helps you get noticed by a whole new potential client base, as you become shared and followed on Twitter itself as well as your website building platform.

There is much more you can do to implement social media into your website, but these three methods are three excellent first steps to take. Establishing yourself as a content authority in your niche will guarantee that your content is shared more often than not. Just make sure that whichever website builders you use allow you to include sharing buttons with your content!

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