Using Wix to Create and Host a Totally Free Website for Your Wedding

By: Michael Benninger

Create a Free Wedding WebsiteYour wedding is one of the most important events in your life—a day that you’ll cherish forever and want to go off without incident. And from dress shopping to researching reception ideas, the Internet has revolutionized nearly every aspect of wedding planning and promotion. Among the most significant of these innovations, is the advent of wedding websites, or wedsites as they are sometimes known.

There are a number of reasons why couples choose to create wedding websites, and there are a variety of ways they use these sites—both before and after their wedding. Website builders such as Wix make it easy to create on online home for your big day, even if you don’t have any previous Web design experience. Even better, you can create and host a wedding website for free!

Here are some suggestions of ways to use a Wix wedding website:

Where to Get Started

To serve as a starting point for your site, there are dozens of Wix wedding website templates to choose from. Wix wedding templates come in a variety of styles, including some that are clean and elegant, and others that are more fun and funky. Browse through the selection, and you’re sure to find a style that complements your and your partner’s personalities.

Before Your Big Day

Prior to your actual wedding day, you can use a Wix wedding site as a place to tell the story of your relationship, and to get your guests excited for your celebration. Here are some more ways in which couples can use their website to plan and promote their wedding:

  • Share the Basics—It almost goes without saying that you’ll want to include all essential information about your wedding, including dates, times, and interactive maps to relevant locations. You can also post updates as the date gets closer.

  • Show Off Your Shots—A wedding website is an ideal place to show off your great engagement photos, and Wix makes it easy to set up slideshows, as well.

  • Countdown—What better way to build anticipation than by embedding a widget in your site that counts down the days, hours, and minutes until your ceremony?

  • Go Green—Support the environment and save a boatload of dough by emailing your Save the Date announcements and invitations, and directing guests to RSVP on your website.

  • Registry—If you have any gift registries in place for your wedding, be sure to include links to them.

Totally Free Wedding Website

During & After the Wedding

When your wedding is over, and you no longer need to tout the fact that you’re tying the knot, keep the site alive to commemorate the celebration. Here a few ways in which couples use their wedding websites after the day has come and gone:

  • Share Photos—Photos play such an integral role in any exchange of vows, and a wedding website is a wonderful place to display galleries of shots taken during the day. You can also encourage your guests to upload their photos to your site.

  • Embed Videos—Let your guests relive their memories of your wedding, or share the action with those who weren’t able to attend, by embedding video clips of your wedding in your site.

  • Digital Guestbook—Let attendees of your wedding share their thoughts, memories, and well-wishes in an instantly accessible digital guest book.

  • Promote Your Playlist—The carefully chosen music that you select to play during your wedding day literally sets the tone for your event. Share your playlist online for your guests to enjoy whenever they’d like.

And remember, many of these features can be used with Wix’s free website templates, so you won’t have to add another cost to your wedding budget.

Let Wix Make Your Wedding Even More Wonderful

Whether you’re hosting a wedding on a shoestring budget, or just want to play more of a hands-on role with the promotion of such a meaningful occasion, a free Wix wedding website can help make your event even more incredible, and it won’t cost you a penny. So what are you waiting for? Impress your guests and your soon-to-be-spouse when you use Wix to build a winning wedding website today.

Impress your guests and your soon-to-be-spouse when you use Wix to build a winning wedding website today.

Want to see more options? Get more info on free website templates for your wedding.


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