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It’s easy to see why there are so many misconceptions about how difficult it is to build an eCommerce website. After all, it’s one thing to build a static webpage with some information about your business, and quite another to get to grips with all the skills necessary to build a live, functioning online store. But here at top10bestwebsitebuilders, we know exactly what your eCommerce site needs to succeed, and just how to get you there.

What Exactly Do I Need to Build an eCommerce Store?

Once you’re selling online, you are the proud owner of an eCommerce store. Whether you are looking to sell one product or one thousand, whether you’re providing a service locally or shipping expensive goods abroad, the right choice of eCommerce website builder can help.

Essentials for selling online include security features like an SSL certificate and secure payment gateways, which all mean you can take credit card payments and sell your products legally and safely online. You might want to think about choosing a web builder who allows you to take other forms of payment such as PayPal, which can make the selling process much easier and help to attract more customers.

The best eCommerce website builders offer add ons which allow you to deal with both the big and small details of online selling directly from your dashboard, often with one click. This can include shipping and postage, taking taxes, inventory management and Search Engine Optimization.

Which Extras Should I Look Out For with an eCommerce Website Builder?

You don’t need much to create a fully functional online store, but it’s the extra touches which make for a successful business.

Marketing extras are one area which really differs from website builder to website builder. Free advertising credits on search engines such as Google and Yahoo are often given with an eCommerce subscription. Other features could range from free logo design for your store, all the way to help with SEO elements like writing product descriptions or incorporating a blog.

Another area not to ignore is mobile compatibility. Nowadays, over 50% of shopping is done by mobile or tablet device, meaning you’re missing out on sales by not having a website which is responsive for the small screen, and the touch screen too. Some of the best mobile extras to look out for include:

  • Location services, using your customers GPS to show them local offers or directions to your offline store.
  • ‘Click to Call’ or Online Chat where your customer can engage with you directly.
  • An automatically responsive desktop template, which creates your mobile site without additional work on your part.
  • An inventory management tool from your phone so you can manage your store and sales on the go.
  • Integration with Apple pay, or other secure payment options via mobile device.

All of this can be overwhelming, whether you’re new to eCommerce, or trying to expand your online store. That’s where we come in. Our experts have taken an in-depth look at the best website builders who offer specific eCommerce packages, and ranked them for you by features, pricing, ease of use and customer support. Once you’ve chosen the right web builder for you, our helpful articles make building and maintaining your online store as easy as 123, so you can focus on the important things, driving new customers to your website, and making money.