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Website templates can make or break your blog

The appearance of your website, determined by the design template you choose, is the main factor that either makes people want to read more or go and browse elsewhere. Therefore, picking a new website layout is a big decision. For top-grade blog-creation platforms with excellent designs, three companies stand out among the rest:, Weebly and

1. Wix offers some of the most highly professional-looking blog designs that have lots of built-in creative touches all planned out for you, and they let you drag-and-drop design elements anywhere in your design. Learn more about Wix templates.

2. Weebly allows you to easily change between different blog template designs easily whenever you want without losing all of your information from the old blog, so you'll never have to start from scratch all over again. Learn about Weebly templates.

3. puts the ultimate design control in your hands by letting you customize every element that you add to your blog; plus, this editor enhances your search-engine optimization by letting you add HTML tags to every element. That means you get more opportunities to attract search engines. To learn more about the features, read the Review.

Why Do You Need A Template That Specifically Suits Your Blog?

Not all templates work well for everybody; the layout must exclusively match the blog's content and purpose in order to attract traffic and become popular. Remember that your blog will look a lot more interesting if people can see that you put some extra time and thought into it - rather than throwing something together in a hurry that looks a lot like a copy of other websites.

Keep the following key points in mind when you're selecting a new blog template:

Does the design of this blog theme keep the focus on why you're blogging in the first place?

If you're starting a photography blog, you need a theme that shows off your best photos in a professional way. However, a blog about treating skin diseases is definitely not the place to show off lots of photos that can frighten visitors who are just looking for key information; therefore, this blog theme needs a more minimal layout with something like some creative infographic displays.

Avoid free blog templates unless you're just starting out.

The reason for this important point is that great blogs need more great features to really "make it big" online, and free templates always have limits to what they can do. Plus, you won't own your domain on a free blog, so your website address ends up becoming long and difficult to customize. Spending a little extra for a template with more options always pays off in the long run.

How functional is this blog template for my audience?

Put yourself in the shoes of your biggest blog fan. What do they want to see the most when they load your webpage? What's the most interesting thing you have to offer your guests? When you know what your audience really wants the most, then put it front and center; make it as easy to access as possible.

Look at your competitors and ask yourself how they can improve.

Browse the websites of your peers and notice what's distracting about their layout, what works and what slows down your user experience when you're looking for information. Knowing what you don't want helps you narrow down your choices in a long list of blog themes.

Where exactly does choosing a blog template fit into the process of building your own website?

There are two places you can start: by choosing a theme you love, or by choosing a blog builder that suits you best, like Weebly, or Next, you must decide how much money you want to invest in your blog and choose the appropriate package you want, which determines your website's address and hosting rights. Only after these steps are complete can you move on to browsing through blog themes to find your perfect match.

Blog Website Templates

If you have thoughts you're yearning to share with the world, a blog is a great way to get them out there for everyone to see. Building a blog is a piece of cake when you use today's top website builders, even if you've never done anything like it before. With most builders, this is as easy as browsing through a gallery of blog templates, picking out the one you like best, and then adding great content that your readers will love.

Though all of the website builders featured on our site offer free blog templates for you to choose from, some platforms feature more expansive galleries than others. Check out the builders? different offerings, and you'll find a multitude of free blog website templates in loads of layouts and in every color of the rainbow. Some of the best blog templates available employ responsive design, meaning they automatically adjust the appearance of your blog to fit whatever size screen it's viewed upon. This is a big deal now that Web traffic from mobile devices has surpassed that from traditional desktop and laptop computers. Your site visitors need to be able to easily navigate your blog, regardless of whether they?re reading it on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Keep that in mind when choosing a look for your new blog.

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