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Regardless of the type or size of your business, establishing your presence online supports your brand-building efforts while providing a way to interact with your market. Getting from conceptual planning of your website to actual publication can be daunting, especially if you have scant experience with the process. Fortunately, it is possible to streamline the process by using ready-made website templates.

Using a Web Template for Efficient Website Creation

Web templates provide ready-made layouts for a single web page or a series of integrated pages for a website. The layout may include a banner, dummy text and placeholder images so that users can visualize what the page would look like after it is populated with customized content.

Depending on the design, free website templates may be edited and reconfigured to alter the layout, using various color schemes and different layouts. Make sure to choose high quality website templates created using well-written code and compliant with current standards to ensure that your websites are optimized for search engines, and your target audience can find you.

Best Website Templates

There are thousands of free website templates available online, so choosing the template that best serves your purpose can be tedious. Aside from design, consider other factors, such as ease of customization, special features and other extras.


Coding skills are not necessary with free website templates from The templates are user-friendly although subscribers have the option of building from scratch using a blank template option. Wix also provides free and fee-based apps for users to add to their web pages. To get going quickly, choose a single-page template that allows quick customization. Additional pages can be added when you are ready. Wix templates are optimized for mobile viewing, which is important because many users rely on their mobile devices when browsing. It is possible to upgrade to fee-based premium plans, which will add a powerful suite of features to your website. Read our Wix Review.


Building a website using templates offered at is a simple process. Customizing them with the user's own content is a user-friendly, drag and drop process, although users have full control of the web template's HTML and CSS. Text editing is completed on the interface much like using a word processor. Updates are accomplished in much the same way. Weebly websites are search engine-optimized with no banner or pop-up ads. Weebly's web hosting infrastructure is cloud based, ensuring consistent and efficient performance regardless of spikes in site downloads. Learn more on this Weebly Review.

Responsive Web Templates

Responsive website templates are hands-down the best website templates available, because they automatically adjust your website to look perfect on any size screen. No matter what kind of device your website visitors are using--whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or traditional computer--the content on your site will automatically arrange itself in a way that is optimized for a screen of those particular dimensions. This is more important than ever, as Web traffic from mobile devices now exceeds traffic from standard desktop and laptop computers. You don't ever want your site visitors to be frustrated with misaligned text or distorted images, and this is your solution.

Mobile devices now come in so many different shapes and sizes, that it's impossible to predict what size screen your site will be viewed upon. That's why responsive templates are considered the best Web templates around. When you use a responsive template for your site, you don't need to trouble yourself with creating different versions of your site to appear correctly on different devices. Responsive websites dynamically adapt to any size screen in an instant, so you don't have to maintain one mobile website and one desktop website. If you're seeking easy website templates to use on your new site, choosing a responsive theme is likely your best bet.