Show Off Your Stuff: The Benefits of Creating an Online Photography Portfolio

By: Michael Benninger

If you enjoy taking photos, there are countless benefits of having a photography portfolio website to showcase your best shots. Regardless of whether you shoot weddings year-round as a means to support yourself, or if you’re just passionate about taking floral photographs to share with your friends, having an online portfolio can help you more easily achieve your photographic aspirations.

So no matter if you’re a weekend shutterbug or a full-time freelancer, here are some of the top benefits of creating an online photography portfolio website.

Create an Online Photography Portfolio

Share Your Work with the World

The primary reason to create an online photography portfolio is to make your work instantly accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. Having a photography portfolio legitimizes your work as a photographer, increases your visibility online, and, most importantly, allows you to show off your mad skills behind the camera.

Make Updates Easily

A number of website builders on the Internet, including, feature photography portfolio themes that are designed specifically to highlight your finest photos. These themes—or templates as they’re sometimes called—are easy to use and a breeze to update. In fact, many such website platforms allow you to add new photos to your portfolio in mere seconds, making your most recent shots shareable in the blink of an eye.

Attract New Clients

If you’re more than just an occasional shutterbug, and rely on your photography skills as a means to support yourself, an online portfolio can be an invaluable element of your business. Many website builders, such as Squarespace​, provide a wide selection of gorgeous and professional photography website templates to help you distinguish yourself from the countless other photographers competing for the same gigs as you. A clean and polished online portfolio exudes professionalism, and can help you make an outstanding first impression on potential clients.

Sell Your Shots

Another big benefit of building an online photography portfolio is that you can generate passive income by putting your photos to work. Aside from the numerous site builders that offer photography Web templates, a handful of photographer-specific portfolio builders exist, such as Portfoliobox, which not only allow photographers to display their latest and greatest compositions, but which also serve as an e-commerce platform. By using one of these portfolio builders, visitors can purchase digital or physical prints of your work, or even items like mugs, mouse pads, or T-shirts with your photos on them.


Photographers of any experience level stand to benefit tremendously by having an online portfolio to display their work, instead of just using a platform like Flickr or Pinterest to share their stuff. And with the almost overwhelming number of outlets on which to host your photos, there’s no reason not to have your work in a web-based portfolio.

Even if you’ve never built a website of any kind before, you can still create an online photography portfolio in as little as a few minutes. Start by reading our articles and reviews about the top builders, then choose the one that seems right for you. Then it’s just a matter of picking a template that matches your style, and uploading your outstanding photos for the world to see.

Now that you know the many benefits of sharing your photos online, learn how to create an easy portfolio site in no time at all.



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