Using Wix to Make Free Websites for Teachers

By Top10 Staff

It’s Time to Take Your Classroom Online

Teachers today are expected to do more with a smaller budget. Classroom supplies can often be donated by understanding parents. However, one of the most effective classroom tools—a website—is not easily donated. As such, a free teacher website builder is the perfect tool for any educator. There are countless reasons to create a website if you’re a teacher. Here are just a few potential benefits of establishing an online home for your classroom:

  • A classroom website helps me keep my students—and myself—more organized and on track.

  • If one of my students is sick or absent from class, a website can be a place for him or her to find out what they missed.

  • An online presence helped me cut down on paperwork, which benefits the environment.

  • Having a classroom website helped me become a better teacher and helped those in my class become better students.

  • By making your lesson plans accessible to my students’ parents or guardians, those adults can become more involved with their child’s education.

  • For students with learning disabilities or special needs, a classroom website may be able play a more effective role in their education.

And that’s just the beginning. I’ve found that there are far more benefits of creating a website for my classroom, and, if you’re a teacher, the great news is that it’s now easier than ever get started—even if you don’t have any previous experience with coding or Web development.

Thanks to and other free website builders for teachers, you can be up and running with a brand-new, fully functioning, classroom website in as little as an hour. Here’s a look at what Wix can do for you, and how easy it is to get started:

Why Choose Wix?

Wix is one of the easiest-to-use free teacher website builders on the market today. Wix is so simple that within just a few minutes, you can create a website where your students—and their parents—can keep track of everything going on in your classroom. With Wix, website creation and maintenance might actually end up saving you time in comparison to more traditional teaching methods and techniques. You’ll be amazed at how simple the Wix builder is to use. It’s easier than A, B, C, one, two, three!

You’ll find a number of free teacher website templates on Wix, so you can choose a theme that matches the look and feel of your classroom. And aside from providing free website templates for teachers, also makes it easy for you to add a calendar on your site, which could include things like class trips, project deadlines, half-days, and more.

Wix’s free website builder for teachers can also choose to embed spreadsheets in your site that track your students’ progress and motivate them by displaying details about their achievements and good grades. Additionally, you can provide your students and their parents with any number of resources that could be in the form of multimedia links or downloads. Add a video of the students collaborating on a creative project, for example, and you can let parents see what their children are learning at school. Or post permission slips on the site that parents can download, sign, and return to you, instead of relying on your students to deliver the slips themselves.


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