Wix Hotel Booking App Explained

By Norman Brauns

Easy booking is the lifeblood of any hotel business, and online reservations are far and away the most popular way to reserve a room. Naturally, this makes online booking platforms an essential addition to any hotel website. Many boutique hotels manage their room inventory with the assistance of a large aggregator like Orbitz or Priceline. This has its disadvantages, however, namely that the aggregator takes a commission as high as 30 percent from each booking.

With the advent of the WIX hotel booking system app, website owners who have a WIX website can let guests book directly on their own site. No more paying out commissions to larger online travel websites. The WIX booking system is ideal for B&Bs and boutique hotel properties, as well as vacation rentals. Here are the main benefits of downloading the hotel booking app on your WIX website:

24/7 Reservations

With the WIX Hotels app, guests are able to see available inventory and book a room or suite any time of day. When there is no phone service available at a hotel, such as in the middle of the night local time, the hotel can continue to generate revenue and successfully book rooms. The WIX Hotels app never stops working, even when a B&B staff is done for the day.

Guests Can Book From Anywhere

The WIX Hotels website app is responsive, so guests are able to book a hotel room from a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. The website experience will be consistent across all platforms. Once a guest becomes familiar with booking a hotel room using the app on a desktop, for instance, she will find the process is the same when she books from a mobile device.

Online Payment is Easy

For small hotels that do not yet have a custom eCommerce site, the hotel app means that online payment is now possible and easy. In addition to accepting offline payment when guests check in, small hotels can start accepting Internet payments from guests at the time of booking. Requiring credit card information when a room is booked online means small hotels have a way to require partial or full payment for a reservation that is cancelled on the day of intended check-in.

No Commissions

Using the WIX hotel booking system eliminates lost revenue from paying commissions to a large aggregate travel site. Small hotels and B&Bs are able to keep their full-room fee, increasing profits and allowing them to maintain competitive rates.

Adding the WIX Booking Engine App

Once a user has a WIX website, adding the WIX Hotels app is fairly simple. After going to the WIX app store on a desktop and searching for “Hotel Booking System,” click on “Add App” to get the process started. From there, easy-to-follow instructions guide the user through setting the app live. The app requires a nominal fee, which is billed monthly.

Most hotels already have a booking system in place, but that system may not be maximizing profits. Still other small boutique hotels have yet to transition to an online system. In either case, the WIX Hotels app is the ideal tool to turn a hotel website into a profitable full-booking system.

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