Increase Sales with the Help of a Pinterest Feed on Your Website

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The demographics of Pinterest users are largely congruent with those of decision-makers in the average household. Most decision-makers are adult women, and 33% of women between 18 and 29 are on Pinterest1. What does this mean for business owners? Pinterest is now prime Internet real estate for reeling in new female consumers. The popular social media site isn’t just for browsing: Pinterest is a shopping site, at least when pins are leveraged properly. Here are the answers to your questions about driving business to your e-commerce website with the aid of Pinterest:

Why Does Pinterest Matter for My Business?

Having a good website designed with an easy to use, top website builder used to be the best way to attract new consumers. In the age of social media, however, you need to do more to maximize sales. Not only is Pinterest dominated by female users, but the adoption rate for the site is also impressive across all demographics. This means more and more people are actively using Pinterest. When you create a “board” for your business and add vivid images of your products that link back to your website, you can capture new visitors, increase sales, and even improve brand awareness. All of these factors make Pinterest worth your time as a small business owner.

How Do I Get My Pins to Go Viral?

While it’s somewhat hard to predict which images will get re-pinned thousands of times, you can certainly improve your chances by following some best practices. Take high resolution, quality photos of your products to be used for pins. Also make sure that the same images live on your website, and that each pin links back to a valid URL on your site. Linking Pinterest users to a landing page or anything that resembles spam will get your pins flagged for removal. Organize your boards in a sensible way, so that users who come to your profile can easily browse by fashion season, type of product, etc.

Can I Optimize My Website for Pinterest?

You’re not the only one who can share pictures of your products on Pinterest; users may also share the picture of a product they love with the Pinterest community. Bright, high-quality images are most likely to be shared. You can also make it easy for users to share the products featured on your website on Pinterest by adding a “Pin It” button under a photo. The “Pin It” button is considered a Pinterest widget for your website, and can be build custom built for Pinterest business users. The widget builder has a tutorial explaining how to add Pinterest to a website.

How Do I Feature My Popular Pins on My Website?

In addition to leading consumers from Pinterest back to your site, you may want to encourage visitors to go to your Pinterest profile. When a customer follows you on Pinterest, it’s easier to remain top-of-mind and capture a future sale. You can embed a Pinterest feed or one of your Pinterest boards into your website using the Pinterest widget builder.

Whether you add a Pinterest feed on your website, a “Pin It” button to each product, or become an active pinner, harnessing the potential of Pinterest is a smart business decision. Always point users to a well-designed, easy-to-navigate website where they can quickly purchase the items they saw on Pinterest.

1Guimarães, Thiago. "Pinterest's Demographics Mean It Could Become The Next Monster Social Advertising Platform." Business Insider. Business Insider, Inc, 08 Dec. 2014.

Make sure your website is inviting to Pinterest users. Create a top eCommerce website.

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