Google Analytics vs Weebly Stats

By Michael Benninger

Weebly Stats vs Google Analytics

If you’ve decided to use Weebly to create a business website , it only makes sense that you’d want to learn all you can about how visitors engage with your online presence. That’s where site analytics are essential. By developing a deeper understanding of your visitors’ behavior, you can make better decisions when it comes to the success of your site. And while Weebly offers its own set of statistics to review, how accurate is that data? And how does Weebly’s tool compare to the industry’s standard—Google Analytics?

Why Your Site’s Stats Matter

By keeping an eye on your site’s traffic, you can see not only how many visitors are arriving on your landing pages, but also what led them there in the first place and which links they tend to click on. Additionally, you can see which pages visitors spend the most time on and which ones cause them to flee from your site. Ideally, this information should provide you with valuable insights to improve the performance of your small-business website.

Weebly Site Stats vs Google Analytics

Weebly’s Stats Dashboard

All users of Weebly’s Starter, Pro, or Business packages have access to detailed statistics provided by the platform. This includes information on all of the aforementioned metrics, which are accessible via a desktop browser or Weebly’s mobile apps. One important thing to keep in mind is how Weebly site stats are measured in terms of impressions—that is, how many times your pages are viewed. Weebly tracks this number based on your visitors’ IP addresses, and counts page refreshes as new impressions. This tends to result in numbers that are more inflated than the actual figures.

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Google Analytics

Compared to Weebly, Google Analytics’ data might differ drastically. This is due to the fact that, instead of using IP addresses and page refreshes as the basis for calculating impressions, the search giant measures traffic based on cookies—tiny bits of data that are stored in your visitors’ Web browsers. This distinction ensures that an individual user’s visits aren’t double-counted. But since not everyone allows for the use of cookies in their browsers, Google’s numbers tend to be lower than the actual figure.

So Which is Better?

Though you might expect the numbers to match up between these two services, the fact that the companies define unique visitors in different ways can actually result in wild variations in side-by-side comparisons. While Weebly does provides an easy-to-understand overview about site traffic, Google Analytics allows for a much deeper dive into the data.

The good news is that you’re not limited to using one or the other, as Weebly makes it easy to use both tool simultaneously. You may see different numbers between the services, but hopefully you’ll be able to spot some similar trends that can help guide your decision making. So when it comes to Weebly stats versus Google Analytics, you have nothing to lose by using them both for your small business.



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