Web.com Vs. Wix - Website Builder Faceoff

Which website builder is best for you? Find out when you put Wix and Web.com face to face in a straight up comparison check. As new website builders pop up every day, choosing the right service to meet your budget and time constraints can be a daunting task. Check out how Web.com and Wix, two of the industry giants, compare when placed head to head.

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October 2016

1. Ease of Use

The Wix signup process takes just minutes, and Wix is a pure drag-and-drop service, making it ideal for novice and expert users alike. The interface is intuitive, organized and ensures smooth sailing all the way. There are also loads of flexible design features. Web.com has plenty of do-it-for-me features, so you can get exactly what you want even if you know nothing about design or coding. Their “free” website builder isn’t quite as impressive, though, and has some bugs that need to be worked out.

Winner: Wix


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2. Templates

Web.com boasts 2500+ designs in 30 neat categories, searchable by theme, color scheme or keyword. Best of all, Web.com migrates your information from one design to the next in case you want to change in the middle. Wix has beautiful, professional pre-fab designs, great for novice website builders and experts alike..With 200+ apps in the Wix app store, you can drag and drop your way to a truly dynamic site for any purpose. Winner: It’s a tie! Web.com and Wix are both great options here.



3. Pricing

Wix has a free plan that will let you build an entire website for nothing. Packages range from just over $4 to about $23. For all that you are getting from the unlimited plan, this is definitely the best value for your money. Web.com doesn’t have a free option, but their initial cost is less than $2. After the first month, though, prices increase steeply. While they offer good quality services, this is one area Web.com would do well to learn from the competition.

Winner: Wix


4. Features

Web.com has many features including listing your site in search engines, email addresses and management, SEO content, stat tracking tools and mobile-friendly sites. While Web.com offers a specific portfolio website for artists and bloggers, Wix goes above and beyond with features tailored to your business. Enjoy in-depth gallery options for portfolio and design, or online menus and reservations for the restaurant business. Musicians can let visitors listen, download and share music commission-free, while any business can build a relationship with their customers by using the Wix tools for building an enviable online store. 

Winner: Wix


5. Customer Support

Web.com boasts 24/7 phone, chat and email support. However, Wix brings support to the next level with amazing guided tutorials that use help icons positioned on every page to take you from the element you have a question on to the exact information you need. There’s also phone support if you need it. 

Winner: Wix


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6. Mobile Responsiveness

Web.com allows you to create a beautiful mobile-reponsive site for any mobile device. The tools and maintenance are handled separately from your main site, though. Wix will automatically create a responsive and complementary mobile website as you build your desktop version, and this can be edited in the Wix mobile editor. The Wix editor can also help you show enhanced elements on either mobile or desktop alone, for example a map to your offline store or a click to call feature.

Winner: Wix


7. Do it for Me Solution

Wix have a purely DIY service, and while it’s truly a piece of cake to build yourself a beautiful website, there isn’t an option to hand over the reins altogether. In comparison, Web.com offers a We Build it for You option which includes professional website design and targeted marketing copy and photos for your business. This service even includes monthly updates for both desktop and mobile.

Winner: Web.com


8. Bottom Line

The tally is in. If you are looking for a superior DIY service that will deliver a professional, well-designed and highly functional finished product, Wix is your answer. 

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