The WYSIWYG Revolution in Website Building


In the past, website design was so complex that many people chose not to design a website because the process of learning codes was simply too time consuming. In more recent times, the Internet is being completely transformed by the WYSIWYG revolution.

So what is WYSIWYG? WYSIWYG stands for What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get and it refers to website building software. This software allows you to quickly and easily create a website without any knowledge of coding. The days of dealing with messy HTML codes is gone and has been replaced by simple and easy to use website builders.

The Shift to Online WYSIWYG Website Builders

Today, there are a wide range of WYSIWYG website builders and the process of creating a unique and professional website has been dramatically simplified. These editors allow you to create your website using a template and a few simple tools. What you create on your template is exactly what your site will look like when it goes live – thus the name –What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get. These editors do all of the coding on your behalf so you never have to worry about anything other than the front end design. The input is very simple as well – simply drag images, media, buttons, menus or other features and drop them where you want them to be on the page. This intuitive process can also be done with any text you want to add to your site.

To get you started, here is a short online tutorial by Wix, one of the top names in WYSIWYG website builders.

Advantages of WYSIWYG website design

One advantage is that you can create an entire, professional looking website with these easy to use editors. You do not need to depend on anyone else to create your website for you. In a matter of minutes your website can be up and running – it is really that simple. In addition, most website builders are available for a very low price (some are free) which means you will save a significant amount of money compared to using a professional website designer. Don’t forget to compare the benefits of free vs paid website builders before you make a final choice.

Another benefit of using WYSIWYG editors is that they allow you to have a dynamic website by adding an article directory or blog where you can update content on a regular basis. These websites also allow visitors to make comments and interact with your blog and/or articles. This can help increase the traffic to your site when visitors feel more of a personal connection to your content and consistency.

With these types of website builders, you can change your site at any time by yourself without waiting for a professional to make the changes you need. You can quickly and easily delete, modify or add content to your site at a moment’s notice. This will also save you money, as professional website designers will always charge fees for any changes that are made to your site. This level of control over your design and content is simply not possible with a website designer.

WYSIWYG editors have completely changed the way websites are made. Because they are so easy to use, and save so much in terms of time and money alike, people all over the world are making the smart decision to let free website builders help them join the online community.


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